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We are so pleased to finally share the complete Our Safer World: Haiti documentary with our readers. Filmed in April, this is the latest installment in a series of corporate social responsibility videos that document local businesses and community members promoting safety and sustainability in impoverished areas around the world.

Following the success and positive response from Our Safer World: Uganda in 2017, Venture6 organized another trip—this time combining women’s empowerment and education with safety and sustainability in some of the poorest parts of Haiti.

Joined by Dawn and Emily Carter, owners of The Avenue Hair Studio and Spa in Saginaw, and Megan Friend, a third-grade teacher from Owosso Public Schools, we documented a graduation celebration for young mothers completing parenting classes, a classroom visit to donate educational materials, and the construction of a new school kitchen to promote nutrition and food safety.

“I’m so proud of what we were able to accomplish in our short time in Haiti,” Venture6 president Amy Augustin said. “I hope we not only achieved our goal to make women feel proud of their achievements, but that we also touched the lives of the young men and children that we met while delivering supplies and food during our stay.”

The documentary also offers a surprising glimpse at the lifestyle and cultural similarities and differences between two vastly different nations. Although their way of life is primitive, and most don’t have basics like plumbing or household supplies we consider necessary to get by, their pride, sense of community, and commitment to family are universal.

“Most of us only know about the natural disasters and poverty in Haiti,” said DICE Corporation CEO Cliff Dice. DICE Corporation, a company that specializes in software and technology for the security industry, participated in the Haiti CSR project. “But I was fascinated seeing the beauty of the nation and people. The positivity in light of their difficult circumstances is inspiring and it was a privilege to support a worthwhile project like this, Dice said.

The concept of corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly prevalent in the business community and is growing in importance. Whether it is through philanthropy or volunteer efforts, businesses of all sizes are able to benefit society while boosting their own brands and employee morale.

In addition to The Avenue and Owosso Public Schools, support for this project was provided by Days for Girls, DICE Corporation, Per4Max, and Wicked Sister, as well as many individuals who contributed time and resources.

For more information about Our Safer World, check out Amy Augustin’s recent post about her experiences in Haiti. Read Here!

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