6 Reasons You Should Give How-To Videos a Try

By: Mel Quist

We are often contacted by businesses looking for the most effective approach to reaching an audience. Although most understand their clients are looking for something that is compelling and informational, they are often unsure of the what to do to attain the desired results. There are many ways this can be achieved depending on the client’s goals—including rebranding, website revamps, and boosting social media presence. But one method that is typically overlooked is the instructional “how-to” video.

Think of how many times you’ve accessed support materials in the last year. Whether you were searching for help setting up your new computer, looking to fix a leaky pipe, or were seeking more information about a product you were considering purchasing, chances are you clicked on a video first.

In the past, how-to videos were only used for troubleshooting and were long and tedious—but that is no longer the case. You may have noticed that many of today’s instructional videos housed on company websites and YouTube are short, have personality, and are even useful for viewers interested in purchasing the product. Because how-to videos answer questions and let you see how the product works, it can be an invaluable marketing resource.

So next time you’re thinking about marketing and user experience for your company, give how-to videos a try. Here are six reasons why instructional videos will increase your profile and change the way viewers see and interact with your products and services.

Promote Interactivity and Comprehension

One of the biggest advantages with how-to videos is the ability to see real scenarios performed in an easy to follow step-by-step format. Instructional videos often serve as a supplement to full-length instructional documents, so providing a quick resource that shows how to complete a task not only boosts comprehension, but it also increases retention, reducing the need for repeated reference.

People Prefer Watching Over Reading

With widespread access to smartphones and high-quality video streaming, more people are using video than ever before. Providing support materials in a preferred format not only builds trust with customers, it also ensures your content will be available to as many people as possible.

Less Time Consuming

When viewers search for an instructional video, they are often looking to find information or solve a problem as fast as possible. Brief how-to videos that focus on a particular scenario are not only easily accessible and user-friendly, but they also boost customer confidence and satisfaction when an issue is solved with minimal hassle.

Reduce Support Calls and Emails

Even with exceptional customer service, people dread having to call customer support. Although person-to-person support is sometimes unavoidable, most users will first search for their own answers. How-to video resources reach customers anywhere at any time, putting the customer in control.

Easy to Access

Whether you host the video on your website, post it on YouTube, or share it on social media, it is so easy to give customers access to how-to videos. Customers at home or on the go will always have instant access to the information they need without needing to search for a complex instruction manual.

Excellent Marketing Tool

As I mentioned earlier, how-to videos often serve at a helpful marketing tool, teaching prospective clients about a product or service before they make a purchase. Product demos and walkthroughs that are well crafted well reinforce your company’s credibility and provide valuable insight into your products.

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