6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Prioritize Graphic Design

By: Siraj Usmani

I am no business expert, but I think it is safe to say that there are many factors involved to ensure that a business is successful and does not tank. Initially you must come up with a great idea and business plan, have a solid product to sell, You might need some working capital, you may need a team of minions to help you achieve your goals depending on what you are trying to accomplish and you will need a plan. But one thing many small business owners overlook is how graphic design can help them through their journey to success. In this post, we are going to cover 6 reasons why you should incorporate design into your plan for a successful business.

Set a good first impression.

When you meet someone for the first time and want to set the precedent as to who you are and how you conduct yourself, it is equally important to do so with your business. When thinking about this idea, this saying always comes to mind: “food for the eye is food for the stomach”, which can relate back to design you incorporate into your business. As you know, businesses live on the web a lot of todays business is done online rather than in brick and mortar stores. The first thing a potential customer is going to see is probably going to be your logo and then a website or social page, and its very unlikely that a customer is going to stick around, or become loyal to the brand if the design is not done well. Just think about it, would you eat at a place that was not appealing? Probably not.

Design can tell a story.

Every company has a story to tell and wants to give their customers a feeling. Carefully thought out design can play a huge role in giving people the correct image when that specific business comes to mind. For example; if someone was starting a baby clothing company, their choice in color, typeface and other elements would be completely different than if they were starting a CPL training course business. At Venture6 Studio, we can can help you accomplish this through branding and corporate ID, photography and professional video services.

Branding makes a company memorable.

BBranding and corporate ID is a very useful tool when getting people to remember who you are. If you were to walk into an apple store and there was no logo on anything, you would know you were in an apple store. This was done through the use of REALLY REALLY good well though out design and branding. Venture6 Studio can help you build your brand starting with a strong logo then business cards, letter heads and other deliverables.

Creativity can set you apart.

This point just builds on the first and third points of this post. By setting a good first impression and making your self memorable, you will stand out in peoples mind. You want to come off as unique and different so that you are not just like all of the competition.

Good design converts.

Design is not only a tool to make things look nice, it is more so to shape or persuade someone into doing something or feeling a certain type of way through excessive use of words; that is why it is called “visual communication”. If you have a website that looks cool but does not convert hits or views into sales… cool, you have a fancy looking website, but you’re website is not serving a purpose. If you have a deliverable whether that be a pamphlet, website or video; if it is designed with the used experience in mind, it will convert potential customers into actual customers.

Good design will save you money in the long run.

Many businesses want to spend as little on design as they can so keep costs low, but don’t realize that they will end up having to re do it and spend more money in the long run. To hire an experienced professional designer may be a pricy endeavor because they are professionals at what they do, but it should be thought of as an investment because it is only going to help the business in the long run.


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